Human Risk Assessment

It is not uncommon, for people at various points in their working lives to feel angry, resentful, hurt, depressed, stressed  and vengeful.  The crucial questions are the cause of the problem (boss, co-workers, policy).  The frequency, severity the depth of the roots, spread of the problems need to be identified, evaluated.  Most importantly, organizations and employees need to take immediate action to eliminate and copes with the issues before damages happened.  

​​Organizations are to prepare to cope with the consequences of employees not just performing badly but behaving badly as well.  The counterproductive behaviors will affect not only the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization, they will also create risks to the organizations, colleagues, and customers.  

The creation and accumulation of subjective negative feelings can occur for lots of different reasons among employees: 
* They are​ passed over for promotion
* their boss picks on them or is demanding and rude
* Promises are reneged upon
* their workload is suddenly and inequitably increased
* Various perks are removed
* They get a poor, and in their view, unjust appraisal
* Company​​​​​​ policy over particular issues changes e.g. compensation benefit

The frequency and severity of the counterproductive behavior need to be reduced, if not eliminated, by detecting and understanding the reasons of people doing counterproductive behaviors.  The Human Risk Assessment program is to identification, analyze and studies ​​on potential threats and lost for organizations.

​​Strategic plan and actions can be formulated to remove the causes of the problems.   
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