Certified ​​Employee Assistance Program Consultant​​ and Operator

Individual Professional Qualification and Certification

Certified Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Core Skills
EAP consultants are professions who can provide consultation services to organizations trying to implement EAP.  They are  knowledgeable in the areas of 

EAP國際通用基礎 EAP Foundation and International Practices
    ○ 概念和模式 Definition and models EAP
    ○ 核心技術和功能 EAP core functions and technique
    ○ EAP的工作領域 EAP service provision models
    ○ 諮詢師/ 運營師職能 EAP consultants’/ counselors’/ administrators’ role and responsibilities
​EAP在組織及管理層面的應用 Application of EAP in Organization and Management
    ○ 企業風險管理 EAP and corporate risk
    ○ 了解人類行為與動機 Understand Human Behavior and Motive
    ○ 員工正負能量與企業業績和風險的關系 Relationship between company performance and
         ​employee positive and negative attitude towards work.
    ○ 人力資源管理 EAP and human resource management
    ○ 提升工作積極性的因素和方法 Factors and methods of motivating people
    ○ 中層管理者 EAP and mid-management
    ○ 了解成就、友誼、權力、金錢、意義、快樂、性格和情緒對員工的影響和對企業的價值
        ​ Understanding the effect to individual and corporate value on achievement, friendship, power, money,
         ​meaningfulness, happiness, personality and emotion
    ○ 如何建立不能被複製和模仿的企業競爭力 How to establish non copyable competitive edge
    ​○ 企業文化 EAP and corporate culture
    ○ 團隊建設 EAP and team development
    ○ 績效管理 EAP and performance management

Certified Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Consultant Add-on Skills
​​  EAP諮詢技術 (EAP諮詢師部份) EAP Counseling Skill (for EAP Consultant training session)
    ○ 諮詢核心 Core skill of EAP counseling
    ○ 諮詢管理 Manage EAP counseling
    ○ 短程焦點治療技術 Short-term counseling
    ○ EAP 常見案例 Most frequent cases in EAP services
    ○ 特殊問題轉介 EAP referral services
    ○ 認知行為在 EAP 的應用 Use of cognition in EAP counseling

Certified Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Operator​​​​​​ Add-on Skills
EAP運營管理 (EAP運營師部份) EAP Administration (for EAP Administrator training session)
    ○ 組織保障體系 EAP organization structure
    ○ 商務體系 EAP commercial structure
    ○ EAP 項目管理 EAP program management
    ○ 質量控制 EAP quality control
    ​​○ 報告體系 EAP reporting system
    ○ 流程管理 EAP process management
    ○ 宣傳促進策略 EAP promotion strategy
    ○ 檔案管理 EAP File management

Corporate Services
Psychology Services for Organizations and their Employees  企業及員工心理服務
Professional Certification