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Organization Psychological Culture (OPC)

The cause, manifestations and consequences of employee infidelity to the employer need to be understood in the organizations.  OPC study concerned with why employees become angry, disgruntled and spiteful towards their employer and how they attempt to seek to damage or take revenge for their feelings.  

Most importantly, by understanding the OPC, organizations can actively preventive ​and and corrective actions.  Organizations with OPC can prevent counterproductive behavior happen and take immediate action to "recover" individuals who feel vengeful towards their company.  OPC reports the working psychological atmosphere and areas of risks for management attention.

Supported with OPC findings, through ​​the understanding of what influences employees to turn against an institution, managers and HR specialists should be able to avoid its worst excesses and manage disloyalty when it does occur, without it becoming a virus spreading through the rest of the organization and possibly destroying it.  

HR can use the knowledge of OPC recommendations to build on institutional loyalty and even go further to create a workforce which is committed and willing to go extra mile.  

There are 3 factors in OPC that are important ​​​
​for human psychological contract in organizations:
1) factors relevant to betrayal
2) factors influence loyalty
3) correct weight balancing of prioritization, rewarding, penalizing of human psychological satisfaction related HR policy and variables.  
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